He aorta. 12 conclusions the treatment of stenosed renal arteries with endovascular stenting can be accomplished safely with favorable medium-term survival in patients with chronic mild to moderate renal impairment and global obstructive atherosclerotic renovascular disease. Revascularization stabilizes renal function and preserves kidney size. viagra coupon The present study should encourage larger clinical trials and add to the growing weight of evidence advocating a more aggressive identification of this disease process and subsequent endovascular intervention in an attempt to prevent or delay progression to end-stage renal failure. Previous section next section acknowledgments the authors wish to thank diane watson and nancy brodrick for assistance in data collection and secretarial support; april levine, ms, for statistical advice and review; and william gaasch, md, for editorial review. Received october 5, 1999. buy viagra canada Revision received may 1, 2000. Accepted may 9, 2000. why use viagra recreationally Copyright â© 2000 by american heart association previous section â  references ↵ olin jw, melia m, young jr, et al. Prevalence of atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis in patients with atherosclerosis elsewhere. order viagra Am j med. 1990;88:1–46n–1–51n. Crossref medline ↵ harding mb, smith lr, himmelstein si, et al. Renal artery stenosis: prevalence and associated risk factors in patients undergoing routine cardiac catheterization. J am soc nephrol. 1992;2:1608–1616. viagra jokes quotes Abstract ↵ wilms g, marchal g. The angiographic incidence of renal artery stenosis in the atherosclerotic population. Eur j radiol. 1990;10:195–197. Crossref medline ↵ dean rh, tribble rw, hansen kj, et al. Evolution of renal artery insufficiency in ischemic nephropathy. Ann surg. viagra cost generic 1991;213:446–455. Medline ↵ rimmer jm, gennari fj. Atherosclerotic renovascular disease and progressive renal failure. Ann intern med. 1993;118:712–719. generic viagra Medline ↵ mailloux lu. Atherosclerotic renovascular disease causing end stage renal disease. viagra without prescription J vasc med biol. order viagra online 1993;4:277–284. effects viagra young men ↵ caps mt, zierler re, polissar nl, et al. Risk of atrophy in kidneys with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis. Kidney int. 1998;53:735–742. Crossref medline ↵ van de ven pjg, beutler jj, kaatee r, et al. Transluminal vascular stent for ostial atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis. why use viagra recreationally Lancet. 1995;346:672–673. Crossref medline ↵ macleod m, taylor ad, baxter g, et al. Renal artery stenosis managed by palmaz stent insertion: technical and clinical outcome. J hypertens. 1995;346:672–674. ↵ henry m, amor m, henry i, et al. Stent placement in the renal artery three year experience with the palmaz stent. J vasc interv radiol. 1996;7:343–350. why use viagra recreationally Medline ↵ white cj, ramee sr, collins tj,.
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