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  medline journals | home | mobile | archive | login [recurrential paralysis as the first manifestation of chordoma of the petrous apex]. Authorsgiménez vaíllo f, cano cuenca b, lázaro r, et al.   institution servicio de orl, hospital gran vía, castellón, españa. viagra samples Source acta otorrinolaringol esp 1999 apr; 50(3) :239-42. viagra viagra best price Abstract we report the case of a 67-year-old woman with paralysis of the right recurrent nerve. Imaging studies showed a mass in the right petrous apex and jugular foramen. Surgery was performed using a lateral approach to the skull base. The tumor excised from the petrous apex was a chondroid chordoma. Chordomas are rare dysontogenic neoplasms that arise from notochord remnants, generally on the midline. It should be included in the differential diagnosis of tumors of the skull base. Mesh aged chordoma cranial nerve diseases female humans magnetic resonance imaging paralysis petrous bone recurrence skull base neoplasms tomography, x-ray computed language spa pub type(s)case reports english abstract journal article pubmed id 10362872 content manager font size print full abstract publisher full text related content ct and mr findings in patients with chordomas of the petrous apex. Chordoma of the petrous bone. [chondroma of the petrous bone. A contribution to differential skull base tumor diagnosis]. can you take 2 viagra pills Chondroid chordoma of petrous temporal bone with extensive recurrence and pulmonary metastases. buy generic viagra Chordoma mimicking the trigeminal schwannoma: a case report. [usefulness of neuroendoscopy and a neuronavigator for removal of clival chordoma]. viagra online without prescription Endonasal endoscopic approach for the resection of chondroid chordoma with skull base involvement. Crohn's disease associated to chordoma: a case report. viagra dosage half Home | help | feedback | disclaimer | privacy policy ©2000-2012 unbound medicine, inc. All rights reserved. 4. 0  635. Chordoma search chordoma is a rare slow-growing neoplasm thought to arise from cellular remnants of the notochord. The evidence for this is the location of the tumors (along the neuraxis), the similar immunohistochemical staining patterns, and the demonstration that notochordal cells are preferentially left behind in the clivus and sacrococcygeal regions when the remainder of the notochord regresses during fetal life. viagra cost Source: wikipedia. cheap viagra News loading... Books loading... can i take viagra 20 mg every day Twitter top videos research - the why, what and how of chordoma published: 2010/12/10 length: 10 min. viagra dosage half Important considerations for treating/excising chordoma cancers - dr. Chandranath sen published: 2010/05/29 length: 10 min. Chordoma - dr. Flores Monedas
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