Si has llegado hasta aquí es porque encontraste, la verdad no se como, mi página principal, pues bien a partir de ahora podrás disfrutar o no, quien sabe, del conjunto de cosas que he ido reuniendo a lo largo de mi vida, colecciones varias, así como curiosidades o como mi último proyecto, la fauna y flora de mi parcelita, un terreno de escasos dos mil metros cuadrados que en su mayoría es solo cemento, pero en la poquita tierra que un queda salen hierbas que yo fotografío, así que adelante.
In global transport, as well as urbanization and overcrowded conditions in some areas, epidemics due to a new influenza virus are likely to take hold around the world, and become a pandemic faster than before. Pandemics can be either mild or severe in the illness and death they cause, and the severity of a pandemic can change over the course of that pandemic. As you may have noticed, the part that says "this results in several simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of cases and deaths. " were removed in the new text, replacing it for the fuzzy and confused statement that "pandemics can be either mild or severe in the illness and death they cause, and the severity of a pandemic can change over the course of that pandemic" where you can find the documents that prove this:old definition: new definition: check also the video of the epidemiologist tom jefferson tells a swedish tv about this change and how it would enormously benefit pharmaceutical companies: with the current classification, even the seasonal flu would be a pandemic. cheap generic viagra How people can be so easily fooled? natural products like viagra Complain about this comment 4. natural products like viagra At 7:55pm on 30 oct 2009, skylineonfire wrote: here we go again... Sigh. Complain about this comment 5. is generic viagra from canada safe At 7:58pm on 30 oct 2009, angelscomeinthrees wrote: worriedgeordiegirl, thank you for your post, that was very brave of you. viagra online sales co uk I know exactly how you feel and have had similar thoughts myself. I find it helpful to remember that when i have these thoughts, that is all they are - thoughts. viagra without a doctor prescription They don't mean anything, least of all about me. viagra daily use 10mg I used to feel so guilty for even thinking that something bad would happen, but now i realise that a thought is just that, and so long as i don't attach any importance to it i can just let it go. I used to think about suicide a lot, but i never actually wanted to die, it was just a way of dealing with a stressful situation. By not attaching any importance to it, it never became an issue. natural products like viagra I've learned to do the same thing with anxiety and the negative thought pattern that can arise from it. It doesn't make me bad, or weak, or even depressed - a thought is just a thought. hay viagra generico mexico Does that make sense? Viagra for everyday dosage Anyway, i'm glad you've found this blog and that it has helped you. cheap viagra online I suspect that you're bored to tears by the conspiracy theorists too. I for one am pleased that the who organisation have changed their definition of 'pandemic' to one that is more accurate. buy generic viagra Complain about this comment 6. buy cheap viagra At 8:13pm on 30 oct 2009, angelscomeinthrees wrote: tell me about it, skyline. buying viagra Best just to ignore it i think. Viagra lilly 20mg 12 Complain about this comment 7. generic viagra online At. viagra 20mg uses
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